Thursday, April 12, 2012

7 Weeks Out From Toronto Pro

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to first apologizes for not posting more blogs on my journey to my big return to the stage. Things are heating up here and I am at the stage of the prep where the diet starts to hit you. Sometimes I think that the diet is easy but it is the lack of sleep that effects you in the latter stages of the prep. Lots of visits to the bathroom does interrupt your sleep.
My training is going well and I feel really strong but I found that training at 70% intensity really allows my body to hold on to more muscle. Back in the day I would train at a crazy intensity and I found I was over training and felt that I was losing muscle.
I have not deviated from my training in regards to training the same way from off season to pre contest. I see this in a lot of athletes. They train in higher rep range and drop the weight due to getting ready to compete. I think Phil Heath says it very well that he would not change the way he trains from off season to pre contest. For me this makes sense as you want to hold on to all that muscle you have gained in the off season going into your show.
I have been getting a lot of messages asking to me if I am still doing the 212lbs class and my answer is yes and no. I am still not sure and Harold (my coach) and I think that at this point of my prep I should not be thinking about the 212lbs class. If I make it great and if I don't well I will just do the open. Still it would be nice to see what I would look like at 212lbs. Harold my trainer did make a good point that I did turn pro at 221lbs and I was in good shape that year. Right now my weight is 229lbs this morning Seven weeks out.
I am also pleased that I do not have to do any more traveling till the show. March was a crazy month of traveling for me having to fly to Vegas, then a trip to Toronto. But I was pleased that I stuck to the diet 100% while traveling. So if you are traveling, pre prepare your food and take it with you. Or if you are traveling by plane, as soon as you land find the nearest food store and get your clean foods.
Well that's it from my end. Thanks for reading everyone and put in the work! More updates to come.
With gratitude,
Troy :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

New Beginnings

Hi Everyone,
It has been one full year since my last post on this particular blog page.
The reason for this was due to my shock announcement that I had retired from the sport of bodybuilding. So I stopped blogging about my career.
Well, I will be now making the most of this blog page by updating you guys with lots of news and video footage on my quest for my return back to the stage. I will be giving away tons of secrets on nutrition and training for those of you who are looking for inspiration on the quest for a healthier and more muscular you!
So you guessed it I am back and I will be competing in the Toronto Pro show June 1st 2012. Mark it in your day timer if you have one.
I will be updating my current success blog at be sure to check it out. Lots of great content in there to keep you all moving forward and get you closer to your goals! I will see if I can put a video together over the next few days and tell you guys my thoughts on this next contest prep.
It has been four years since I competed which was the Europa Pro in Dallas. I plan to bring my best ever package ever (we all say this lol)
I am back with my trainer Harold Marillier which I am very excited about as he knows my body better than anyone. We have spoken about doing the 212lbs class and I think it might be a challenge for me making that class but I will give it 150%.
To all my fans who may have forgotten about me be sure to keep your eyes open for me.
Train hard and put in the work,
With Gratitude, Troy :)
PS I have taken down my web site but I am working on a brand new site. Coming soon!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

I just found this wonder story. I really think we can all benefit from it.

Let me know your thoughts.......

This story is true and it happened to me..

One day after work, I asked my husband to pull into a local store so I could buy some cards and some gifts for our nieces.I got into line to check out behind a man dressed in a suit. I didn't pay much attention but then the woman in front of him started asking directions and he politely gave her all the directions. What caught my attention is that twice he said either God bless you or you have a blessed day.As a Christian, I thought - how refreshing to hear. It was now his turn to check out and he just had a gift bag and a card and tissue and some other small things, buying to wrap someone a gift.But, it seemed he didn't have much cash on him. So he told the cashier to check him out and he'd pay cash for part and part on a credit card. When she checked him out he was a little less than a dollar short and started to scan his credit card. "Stop" I said, "Don't scan your credit card for that dollar" and so I handed the cashier a dollar. He looked over at me and I said "no, it's nothing - I'm just trying to get out of debt and I hate to see anyone using a card for anything." He thanked me and "blessed" me too.

The cashier was surprised. I'm not sure if she was surprised because I did that or because she didn't expect me to help him or if it was because he was in a very nice suit and I was there in jeans and a t-shirt - I'm not sure, but when she gave the little change back from my dollar, she held my hand and told me that that was so unexpected of me and told me that I would be truly blessed for the act I just did. I just smiled and said "well I hope so -I could use some blessings!" So just then she told me my total which was around $6.00. As I reached in my wallet to pay her, a young man behind me said - "Wait! How much was her total?" The cashier told him and he reached in his wallet to pay for mine! I said, "No, you don't need to do that - - mine is much more than what I just dished out to help him." He said no he wanted to pay for mine for what he had just witnessed.

And here all along, I was feeling good by helping someone, but then when he did that, well; it was so unexpected and took me so by surprise. With tears in my eyes, I gave him a hug.I always try to do little things that I can, but have never had anyone do anything like that for me.I was speechless.As I walked to my car just amazed at God's love that had just been shown, I wondered what the cashier must be thinking of what she just witnessed in front of her.I cried when I told my husband because I just felt right there, right then, in a world where there is so much going bad, I witnessed God's love.

I went home that night and blogged about it and challenged anyone reading it to do the same.To do something small for someone else and see the difference it makes in your life as well as theirs.Of course my blog only has a couple of followers, but I had to get this story out! That young gentleman does not know how much he touched my heart by following my example. I'll never forget it.So, why not do something? Pay a toll for the car behind you, offer to pay for someone's item they are checking out, hand a water to someone working on the road, pay for someone's lunch - - it doesn't take much to show the love of God.

Lorraine Niemeyer

Lorraine lives in a little town in Texas with her husband of 16 years. If you would like to view her blog go to: or feel free to email her your thoughts on today's story to:

Monday, May 9, 2011

6 Weeks Out (Be Inspired Every Day)

Hi everyone,

Well it is 5am and I cant sleep so what better way of starting my day with writing a Blog post.

12 weeks of dieting have already past and I must say that twelve weeks have flown on by.

I can honestly say now that the diet has hit me like a thunder blot and energy is starting to get low but having enthusiasm to write blogs really makes me feel good. If you have lots balance in your life while getting ready for a show it can be such a blessing.

If I can give anybody one tip while getting ready for a bodybuilding show is to keep busy and focus on other things or projects as this can keep your mind off the contest prep. I have found that by being busy in my other business I have found the whole process so much easier than in past contest preps.

Here is an example....I have been so busy putting together peoples training and nutrition plans that I have taken the focus of myself and focused on helping others. In my other business it is all about how Meghan and I can help the newest person become more successful. Now don't get me wrong it can sometimes get in the way of my workouts but I always schedule my training in my day timer first then I plan around my training all the other events and projects I need to get done.

One more amazing tip I can give everyone regardless if you are getting ready for a show is to plan your day the night before. Form a list of all the things you need to get done and make sure you complete the most important tasks first. I find this whole process so amazing and I recommend it to anyone. Getting things into better order is the great secret of life as Bob Proctor would say.

Try this too......If you feel low on the diet and need to be inspired just go to Youtube and watch some bodybuilding motivation video's. I like to watch Youtube video's of 50 Cent, Jay z, Sir Richard Branson, Will Smith etc to see what these guys do on daily basis and how they made it to the big time and what kind of life style they have, for me, I find this so inspiring.

Keep yourself in a good vibration everyday, especially while getting ready for a bodybuilding show. It can turn your whole day around.

Thanks for reading.

Have a super week and Think Big!

Troy Duracell Brown

PS To be coached and mentored by Troy, please send him an email at and he will send you a questionnaire.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Comfort Zone (8 Weeks Out)

Hi everyone,

I am eight weeks out from the Toronto Pro and enjoying my prep so far.

I have been keeping my mind busy with lots of reading which is really helping me stay calm while getting ready for this show. I was given this amazing quote by my good friends Gail and Terry last week and I have put it up on my wall at home. I would like to share it with everyone as I think it has some jewels of wisdom in it..............

I used to have a comfort zone... where I knew I could not fail...The same four walls and busy work.... were really more like jail...I longed so much to do the things...I'd never done before... But, I stayed inside my comfort Zone... and paced the same old floor.

I said it didn't matter...that I wasn't doing much...I said I didn't care for diamonds... cars.... and such.
I claimed to be so busy... with the things inside my zone but, deep inside... I longed...for some victory of my own.

I couldn't let my life go by... just watching others win.
I held my breath... and stepped outside... to let the change begin...
I took a step.... and with a strength, I'd never felt before....
I kissed my comfort Zone good bye.... and closed and locked the door.

If you are in a comfort Zone... afraid to venture out.....
Remember that all winners, at one time were filled with doubt.
A step or two, and words of praise, can make your dreams come true....
so, greet your future with a smile... Success is there for you.

Author Unknown

Thanks for taking the time to read this everyone and have a fantastic Easter weekend.

Train and Hard and Think Big.

Troy Brown :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Competing With Balance (9 weeks Out)

Hi Everyone,

Everything is going nice and smoothly with my prep for the Toronto Pro in June but I don't really want to ramble on about me in this blog.

I received an amazing email from a good friend Matt Park the other day on the importance of competing with Balance and I thought it would be a good thing to share it with you all. I hope Matt does not mind..........

Do you stuggle in maintaining balance in your life with family, friends and a social life in getting ready for a show? This can be very difficult to deal with but here are a few tips that help.

1. Surround yourself with powerful, positive friends that make you laugh and are great support.

2. If you are married or are in a relationship, talk to your partner, work as a team, let them know how you feel on good or bad days. Don't hold in emotions.

3. Prepare your meals in advance. When you are prepared you have less stress and can enjoy your days much more.

4. Be proud of yourself each day. Even if you have a tough day find something positive and focus on that perspective.

5. Live with gratitude.

I think number five is very important as we tend to forget all the good things in our lives like are family, friends, our home etc.

If I am having a tough time on the diet while getting ready to compete I will sit down and get a pen and pad and write out 10 things that I am grateful for. It soon changes my state of having a pity party to feeling grateful and joyful.

Do not feel sorry for yourself, have balance in your life!!

Stay strong!

Troy :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

11 Weeks Out To Toronto Pro

Hi everyone,

It is 5am and I can't sleep. The joys of dieting lol. I am 11 weeks out and I am still around 240lbs but getting leaner. Energy levels are really good but I sometimes hit a low especially when I am training clients at 6:30am.

The last three weeks I have not been doing any cardio but this week we have put the cardio back in. So I have been back on the Gauntlet right after weight training.

At twelve weeks out my Glutes were coming though which is a good sign and I am very happy about that. In past shows they come in the last three weeks.

I am still visualizing every day and now increased my meditation to twice per day. I find meditation just so amazing and I feel a big difference, I feel more calm and relaxed and I am not as snappy lol. Here is the link to the guided meditation I use. Check it out

I thought I would post my diet and show you guys what I am doing and you might even get some tips from it.

Here goes........

60 gr whey (ISOFLEX BY ALLMAX)
1 Shot of Vemma (mangosteen and minerals supplement)

12 egg whites
1 cup oats

280 gr chicken

1 pm (Pre workout)
60 gr whey (ISOFLEX BY ALLMAX)
1 cup oats

3: 30pm (Post workout)
60 gr whey (ISOFLEX BY ALLMAX)

5: 30pm
300 gr shrimp
1 cup rice or 454 gr potato

280 gr chicken
1 shot of Vemma (mangosteen and minerals supplement)

Nothing fancy just nice and simple and easy to follow.

I have have been getting lots of support from fans, family and friends and I am so grateful for all the messages I have been receiving. You guys really inspire me to keep going on my journey.

So thats it really not much else to add. Oh and by the way if you ever need any help with your training and nutrition just fire me up a email and I might be able to help.

Train hard everyone and see you next time.

People with goals succeed because they know where they're going. It's that simple."
--Earl Nightingal

PS If you would like to order Vemma and add it to your supplement needs then you can order it from